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Our Mission

Our mission:

We want to welcome you to Crossroad Family Center, a non-denominational church in Raytown, Missouri. Our mission is to strengthen families to fulfill the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ through biblically sound teaching and discipleship. We focus on building generational faith, one family at a time. This is a place to grow in your relationship with God and to build relationships with others.

Our vision:

Our goal here at Crossroad Family Center is to build generational faith through discipleship, service, and outreach. We strive to reflect the mission of Jesus and believe that every written word is inspired by the Holy Spirit to build the church and every function of it.

Through discipleship, we teach, train, and equip the church body to equip others through God's word.

Through service, we equip the body to service the local church through the unique placement of ministry skills.

Through outreach, we encourage the body to bring people into the local church while also reaching outside of the four walls of the church through evangelism efforts and special events.